Learning All About Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

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3 Guidelines To Deal With A Furnace That Keeps Shutting Off

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The furnace is the most-priced appliance in your home when the cold season sets in. As such, you need to invest in proper care and maintenance if you want your furnace to serve you well and for a long time. However, if you didn’t schedule a maintenance service at the start of the heating season, you probably have problems with the quality of heat and warmth you are experiencing. Mostly, one of the signs that your system is in trouble is if it keeps shutting off when you least expect it. Read More»

Why Does Your AC Run Non-Stop? Find Out

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Air conditioning is necessary for providing optimum indoor conditions during summer. Unfortunately, your system sustains age-related deterioration over time, hindering its operation. For instance, your AC could be failing if it is constantly running without stopping. This issue may result in excess energy usage. Besides that, it makes your system vulnerable to breakdowns. So if your cooling system is running non-stop, hire an AC professional to diagnose and fix the problem immediately. Read More»