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4 Signs You Need AC Repair Right Away

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Dealing with AC repairs is never fun, but not having access to cool air on a hot day is even worse. Fortunately, many issues with an air conditioner unit are progressive in that they start as minor, repairable problems before they turn into something massive that requires replacement. To avoid a total AC failure, learn about some of the warning signs that signal the need for immediate repairs.

1. Declined Cooling

The primary purpose of an air conditioner is to provide cool air. Therefore, when an AC unit is powered on but not supplying a steady flow of cool air, there is something wrong with it. Whether you notice that warm or only slightly cooled air is flowing out of your vents, you should not ignore the problem. This issue could originate from an issue with airflow or even a problem with the system's ability to circulate refrigerant.

2. Electrical Changes

Sudden electrical changes around your home when you operate your AC unit are also something you should not ignore. For example, does your breaker trip every time your unit is powered on? If so, this is not a normal practice, especially if this issue has suddenly started to happen. This type of problem is generally less indicative of the air conditioner's inability to cool properly, but instead, an indication of something internally wrong with the unit's power flow.

3. Burning Smells

If you ever smell a burning scent when you operate your AC unit, you should immediately turn it off and contact an HVAC technician to investigate the issue. The odor you detect could result from an internal issue with the system's motor or be indicative of burning wires. Whatever the source of the problem, this type of issue has the potential to cause catastrophic damage to the system, your home, and your safety. Leave the unit off until it is inspected.

4. Odd Noises

While plenty of air conditioner systems on the market advertise a quiet operation, there is no such thing as a silent operation. However, even with that, an AC unit should not be intrusively loud when operating. A sudden influx in the amount of noise the system makes or a change in the type of sounds the unit makes, such as a loud banging noise, typically means that something is wrong and that repairs are required. 

If you suspect there is an issue with your air conditioner, contact an AC repair professional as soon as possible to have the issue diagnosed.