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3 Scenarios Where A Tankless Water Heater Can Save You Money

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Tankless water heaters offer numerous benefits for the typical residential household, including improved efficiency over traditional storage tank water heaters. Since tankless water heaters don't keep a large store of heated water, they won't waste energy by keeping standby water at an appropriate temperature.

While tankless heaters will always offer improved efficiency, there are certain situations where the upgrade can provide even greater savings on your utility bills. If any of these three scenarios apply to your household, a tankless water heater may be a perfect way to save some cash over the long run.

1. You Take Frequent Vacations

Vacations can be a great way to take a break from the world, but your home's water heater isn't so lucky. If you don't remember to shut off your water heater before you leave, your heater will continue to keep your tank warm while you're away. Even worse, turning the water heater off can potentially lead to dangerous bacterial growth in the tank.

Since tankless water heaters provide on-demand hot water, you don't need to worry about the tank running needlessly while you're away. More importantly, you don't need to maintain a safe temperature to prevent the growth of legionella or other harmful pathogens.

2. You Often Run Out of Hot Water

A properly sized hot water tank should provide plenty of water for your home, but high demand can cause problems. When you use too much hot water, your tank needs time to recover and heat the remaining water. This situation is inefficient and can be inconvenient, potentially even leaving you with a cold shower.

Since tankless water heaters provide on-demand heating, they effectively never run out of water. A tankless heater sized to meet your home's hot water demands will essentially never run out of water. As a result, the heater can always operate as efficiently as possible, and you never need to worry about a sudden burst of cold water ruining your relaxing shower.

 3. You Have An Older Unit

Conventional water tank units effectively have an expiration date. Since the internal glass liner in water tanks will eventually wear out, corrosion is inevitable. Once the tank begins to rust, you can expect major leaks and total tank failure. However, a well-maintained tank can sometimes last for a surprisingly long time. Unfortunately, these older units are likely far less efficient than newer models.

If you have an older conventional water heater, a proactive replacement can help you avoid an expensive and damaging leak. More importantly, you're likely to see substantial efficiency gains. In addition to the efficiency gains you can expect from any tankless heater, the gap in efficiency between your old conventional unit and the new tankless unit will likely mean a major decrease in utility bills.

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