Learning All About Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

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Air Conditioner Repair Tips For College Students

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Most people don’t think about their air conditioner until it stops working in the height of summer. If you’re a college student, chances are you don’t have a lot of experience with AC units. These basic tips help you determine if you can fix your air conditioner on your own or if you need to contact a professional to repair the unit. Make Sure the Power Is On This might sound obvious, but many college students have no idea that an AC unit could be powered off. Read More»

3 Air Conditioning Financing Options You Should Consider

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Having a broken air conditioning system or not having one at all during hot summers can be challenging. The heat waves can make your home uncomfortable or make it difficult to sleep. To survive through the hot season, you may need an air conditioning system to cool your home and control the harsh temperatures. Unfortunately, you may not have ready cash to acquire the unit, especially if you had not planned for it. Read More»

When And How To Reset An AC

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Air conditioners come with reset buttons that clear common errors. You should know how to reset your AC. That way, you can try to reset the AC before calling a technician if the system malfunctions. Why You Might Need to Reset Your AC Even a relatively simple AC problem can affect its cooling capacity and your house’s comfort. A reset may solve some of the problems. Below are the two main reasons to reset an AC. Read More»

Why Are Single-Stage AC Units Still Worth Buying?

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If you’ve looked at your options for installing a new air conditioning system, you’ve probably noticed that you can buy two-stage, multi-stage, and variable air conditioners. These systems work differently from traditional home HVAC equipment. Older single-stage designs are always either “on” or “off,” while multi-stage and variable systems vary their operation based on your cooling needs. These more advanced units offer improved comfort and efficiency, which should seemingly make them the obvious choice. Read More»

A Few Tips To Keep Your Home's Heater Working

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When your heater fails in the middle of winter, you can expect to either have to wait for a residential heater repair company to fit you into their schedule or pay a high premium for an emergency service call. Luckily, in many cases, there are a few ways to avoid the situation entirely. Here are a few ways to keep your heating system running when you need it the most. Read More»

Why Do So Many Commercial Structures Use Rooftop Package Systems?

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Cooling a large commercial structure requires more power than cooling a single-family home, but that’s not where the differences end. Commercial HVAC units are more than just high-capacity versions of the split-system central air conditioners found in many homes. Understanding how commercial systems are unique can help you make better HVAC purchasing, repair, and maintenance decisions for your building. While commercial HVAC systems come in numerous varieties, this article will focus on rooftop package units. Read More»

Is Water Dripping From Your AC Vent? Here Are 3 Reasons Why This Could Be Happening

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The last thing any homeowner wants to experience is water in a place that is not supposed to be. One of the ways this can happen is if you have water dripping from your air conditioner vents. Remember that this isn’t a common occurrence, which is why you should seek the timely intervention of an air conditioning repair technician. Here are some possible reasons why there could be water dripping from your AC vents. Read More»