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When And How To Reset An AC

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Air conditioners come with reset buttons that clear common errors. You should know how to reset your AC. That way, you can try to reset the AC before calling a technician if the system malfunctions.

Why You Might Need to Reset Your AC

Even a relatively simple AC problem can affect its cooling capacity and your house's comfort. A reset may solve some of the problems. Below are the two main reasons to reset an AC.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

A circuit breaker is an electrical device that cuts off power in case of an electrical malfunction, such as a short circuit or overcurrent. Both things can damage your AC. For example, the circuit breaker may trip when the power goes off and resumes with a spike.

The AC might malfunction even after the power normalizes. Resetting the breaker alone might fail to help. An AC reset may help restore its usual operation.

Warm Air From the AC

You should also consider an AC reset if the system blows warm air despite the thermostat being set to cool. Several things can lead to such a malfunction; one of them is a thermostat error. In such a case, an AC reset may clear the error and get the AC blowing cool air again.

How to Reset the AC

An AC reset is straightforward if you know the right steps to follow. Below are the steps to follow.

Cut Off Power

Cut off power to the AC to minimize damage and injury risk. Don't just switch off the AC at the thermostat. Switch off the breaker and the power switch to which the AC connects. That way, you are sure that the AC won't receive any power during the reset.

Press the Reset Button

Next, locate, press, and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Most manufacturers place the button on the outside AC unit's exterior, near the ground. Some manufacturers have the button behind the service panel on the AC's inside unit. The reset button is typically red. The owner's manual can also help you locate the reset button.

Restore Power to the AC

The last step is to restore power to the AC. Flip on the power switch and flip the breaker to the on position. After that, confirm the thermostat's setting and the AC's operation.

An AC reset solves some common problems, but it does not solve all issues. Contact an air conditioning technician if the problems persist after the reset.