Learning All About Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

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How To Diagnose And Replace A Broken Air Conditioner Contactor

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If your central air conditioning system isn’t working, it may be that you have a problem with a component inside your outdoor unit’s electrical area. The contactor is one of the small electrical  components that lie in close proximity to one another, it is not unusual for it to fail. The good news is that the contactor is inexpensive and easily replaced if you go to websites and are a handy do-it-yourselfer. Read More»

Three Air Conditioning Problems You Can Fix On Your Own

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Air conditioning units are complex appliances with many small parts that are difficult to access. As such, many of the problems that you run into with your air conditioning unit should be repaired by a professional who knows how to access and repair the problem. However, there are a few common air conditioning issues that you can repair on your own fairly easily. Here are three air conditioning problems that the average homeowner can diagnose and repair themselves. Read More»

Heat Things Up This Winter Without Hiking Up Your Heating Bill

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You shouldn’t have to stay warm by bundling up in sweaters and blankets in order to keep your heating bill under control during the winter months. Adding a few updates to your home will afford you the comfort you want while lowering your energy needs as well as minimizing wear and tear on your HVAC or heating services system. Here are a few effective options to consider: Do a Little Insulation Read More»