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Get Your Heat Pump Ready For Cooler Weather With These Tips

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Summer's nearly gone, which means it's now time to think about keeping your home warm and cozy. Warming your home is easy to do if you own a high-efficiency heat pump. Unlike a furnace, your heat pump relies on the same refrigeration cycle that made it possible to keep your home cool – only in reverse.

However, the transition from cooling to heating isn't quite as simple as flipping a switch. There's still plenty you'll need to do if you want to maximize your comfort without worrying about sudden breakdowns. Here are a few tips to help you ready your heat pump for the upcoming fall and winter.

Survey Your Heat Pump's Surroundings

Like any other HVAC system, your heat pump needs room to breathe. That means making sure your heat pump's outdoor condenser cabinet isn't crowded by fallen branches, leaves, and other yard debris. Tall grasses and overgrown bushes can also strangle your heat pump's airflow, causing the unit to run poorly and even overheat.

Before you switch your heat pump over to heating mode, clear as much debris away from the cabinet as possible. You should also maintain a two- to three-foot buffer zone between vegetation and your heat pump to ensure maximum airflow.

Swap That Old Air Filter for a New One

Speaking of breathing, your heat pump will also breathe easier with a new air filter. Clogged air filters can completely block a heat pump's airflow, making it a common cause of heat pump malfunctions. Before you start using your heat pump in earnest, swap the old air filter with a fresh, new replacement.

Give It a Test Run Before the Cold Sets In

Chances are you haven't used your heat pump's heating function in the past few months. A quick test of your heat pump's heating function should rule out any doubts about your unit's readiness. By testing your heat pump while the weather's still warm, you'll have plenty of time to fix any bugs that prevent it from operating at its best.

Address Any and All Malfunctions

There's no reason to put off any work your heat pump needs to stay effective and reliable. If you spot any signs of malfunction, such as cold air during HEAT mode or funky odors during operation, contact a company such as Barnetts Heating & Air Conditioning take care of it right away. The sooner you deal with potential malfunctions, the less worry you'll have over your heat pump when you need it most.