Learning All About Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

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Signs That It May Be Time To Replace Your Water Heater

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Hot water in your home is essential, and when the water heater stops working the way it is supposed to, it may be time to consider replacing it with a new water heater or upgrading to a better system. There are some things you may notice that can indicate it is time to replace that old water heater, and with luck, you may see them before the old unit fails completely. Read More»

Do Not Let A Heating Emergency Catch You Off Guard, Protect Your System

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When the temperature outside has reached blistering levels and your heating system suddenly stops working — it is an emergency. While you can find a heating repair professional to quickly come out to your home and work to resolve the issue, it is best to avoid this type of emergency scenario altogether. To ensure heat levels in your home remain consistent, learn about some of the things you can do to minimize a heat emergency. Read More»

3 Air Conditioning Repair Mistakes You Should Not Make As A Landlord

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If you are a landlord, then you probably have to worry more about residential air conditioning than most people do. After all, not only do you have to worry about the air conditioning system in your own home, but you also have to pay attention to the air conditioning systems in all of your rental units. As a landlord, there is a chance that you will make a lot of mistakes when it comes to managing your properties. Read More»

Tips For Getting The Air Conditioning Work That You Need

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Does your home have the best possible air conditioning? Are your bills reasonable each and every summer? If you can’t easily answer these questions in the affirmative, you need to take the time to hire a qualified air conditioning professional that can assist you with whatever sort of work you might need. So much of what you do in your building depends on high-quality air conditioning. Just to be comfortable, you will need to be able to beat the heat each and every summer. Read More»

Rust And Corrosion Can Lead To The Need For Air Conditioner Repairs Or Replacement

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Since your air conditioner is made of different types of metal, it has the potential to rust. The condenser outside is particularly vulnerable to rust since it is exposed to rain. However, the air handler inside can rust in places too. Rust is a problem for an air conditioner since rust eats holes through metal, and this damages important parts. Here’s a look at how rust and corrosion affect your air conditioner. Read More»

Central Heater Repairs & Troubleshooting Tips

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Opening up an energy bill and seeing that it is larger than usual is something that some homeowners experience when their central heating system is problematic. For example, if the system begins to cycle on and off in an abnormal manner, it can lead to a homeowner having to run it more than they usually do and cause the energy bill to increase. Any abnormal behavior from a central heating system warrants a prompt inspection to find out what the problem is. Read More»

Potential Causes Of AC Fires

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It is rare for an air conditioner (AC) to start a fire, but it is possible under some circumstances. Below are some of the conditions that can trigger AC fire. Poor Storage of Flammables Some parts of the AC produce a lot of heat when the system is running. For example, the AC motor heats up during operation because it has moving parts that generate friction. The heat produced is usually manageable, but it can trigger a fire if highly flammable materials are kept near the AC. Read More»

Signs That Your Older Home Needs A New Electrical Panel

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There are many reasons to purchase an older home, but it’s also good to plan for a few extra expenses due to the age of the house. The electrical systems, in particular, may be out of date in an older home, which can pose a safety concern at worst or cost you money in energy usage at best. The following are a few signs that you have an outdated system and may need an electrical panel upgrade. Read More»