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Normal Or Not? 5 AC Sounds That Should Alarm You

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Nowadays, air conditioners are more noiseless than ever. Most air conditioning units have added sound-reducing technology as well as dual-stage compressors to maintain the sound beneath sixty decibels. Therefore, whenever you hear sounds not familiar from your AC, you have to take note. Overlooking these noises can make minor problems become major ones. 

The sounds can point to something from a slight tune-up to a costly repair, or worse, a replacement. Therefore, the earlier you notice the sounds, determine where the noise is coming from, and get air conditioning repair, the better. The following is a list of sounds that might point to a problem with your AC unit.

1. Thwapping noise

This noise might sound like the sound of a card in a bike spindle. It means something might be stuck amid the AC blades, or the fan blades are touching something as they turn. While this is not a major issue, it calls for immediate evaluation, as the accumulative resistance can cause an early tear or wear of the AC parts. Have an AC repair service look at it and remove the obstacle. 

2. Buzzing noise

When an air conditioning unit is switched on, the condenser blows air from the exterior unit. Therefore, the compressor motor can generate a loud buzzing noise when the external fan is working, and the inner blower is not. There are a couple of things you can blame for the buzzing sound, including debris in the unit, unattached fan blades, or frozen condenser coils. To determine the specific cause, contact an air conditioning repair service to inspect and remedy the problem.

3. Humming noise

Typically, your AC makes occasional hisses, rattles, pops, and a soft hum that should not worry you. However, a loud humming sound can indicate a serious problem with your AC. The AC circuit breaker might be damaged, the unit might be covered with ice, or the relay switch could be failing. If this is the case, your AC repair technician can help solve the issues.

4. Screaming noise

If your unit produces a highly pitched shrieking or screeching sound, shut it off immediately and call in an air conditioning repair company. The refrigerant might be leaking, which means it poses a significant threat to your unit and family. 

5. Whirring noise

If your AC produces resonances like a helicopter, you might have a problem with the exterior unit or the interior blower. Usually, the droning sound is caused by substandard bearings in the external fan motor. As soon as the fan blades become loose, they produce a whirring noise. In such a case, ensure you hire an experienced air conditioning repair technician to inspect your unit. 

Strange air conditioning unit sounds might indicate a bigger problem. Even though your AC unit might keep working while making the noises, it is good to consult air conditioning repair experts to help determine where the noise is coming from and fix it.