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Things An Air Conditioning Repair Technician May Check For When Your AC Isn't Cooling Your Home

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Your air conditioner should keep you cool on a typical summer day as long as your house is insulated well. When it's extremely hot, your AC might struggle to keep up, but when your AC struggles on a day of average temperatures, something could be wrong. If your AC isn't keeping you cool, call an air conditioning repair service for help. Here are things that could be wrong.

The Thermostat

If the thermostat is bad or the wiring is loose, your AC may not function properly. A wire goes from the thermostat to the contactor in the AC condenser to start the condenser fan and compressor. So if the wiring is bad, your condenser won't be able to cool down your home. The air conditioning repair technician may need to repair wiring or even replace your thermostat if it is bad.

The Blower Fan

The blower in the air handler moves cool air through the ducts. The blower has to be turning at optimal capacity for the air to be effective at cooling down your house. The blower fan may stop working if it's dirty or if the fan motor burns out. The AC repair technician may need to replace the blower motor or the capacitor to get the fan working again.

The Contactor

The contactor is a part of your condenser that passes power to the capacitor. The capacitor then starts up the compressor and the condenser fan motor. If the capacitor can't start the motors, then your AC won't start up and keep your house cool. If the contactor is bad, the air conditioning repair technician can replace it. They can also replace the capacitor if necessary. These parts are easy to access by removing the side panel from the condenser.

The Ducts

If ducts aren't installed properly so they're fully open, air restriction can keep your home from cooling down. If a duct comes apart or if a rat chews through the side, you'll lose cool air in the attic. Your AC may be working fine, but with all the air loss, your home won't stay cool. The repair technician can repair or replace the ducts so they work properly again.

When your AC isn't keeping you cool, the problem could be with the distribution of cool air or with the creation of cool air. The air conditioning repair technician might have to troubleshoot the problem and check several parts to figure out what's wrong. Don't put off making the call for help or you may drive up your power bill if your AC has to work too hard to keep your home cool.