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3 Frustrating Syptoms That Your Air Conditioning System Needs Attention

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Is your air conditioner underperforming? If so, you will likely need air conditioning repair services. There are some issues that can be rectified by property owners too. This can save them from requesting an unnecessary repair bill. However, in a lot of cases, the services of an HVAC technician will be necessary. This is especially true for the elderly, individuals with mobility issues, and those who are not mechanically inclined. The following points will help you understand common problems property owners face and what could be the cause of the issues.

Not Cooling

It is advisable to check your thermostat to ensure that you have it at an appropriate setting to cool. Your issue could also be due to restricted airflow. A common culprit for this is a dirty air filter. If you observe dust on the filter, change to see if it improves the coolness in your home. Changing your air filter on a regular basis can extend the life of your system. If changing the air filter and a thermostat adjustment do not work, go to the exterior of your property and check the unit for debris such as leaves that could be impeding the airflow and remove it accordingly.

Not Turning On

This can be a thermostat issue, and that is an ideal area to check first. Perhaps you have it set at the wrong setting. Another potential culprit is a tripped circuit box. Even if your lights are working, it is possible that the part of the circuit breaker is assigned to can trip and need resetting. It is also a wise idea to ensure that the unit is plugged in.

Not Cooling Efficiently

This can occur when individuals set their thermostats to the wrong temperatures. It can also occur if your air conditioning system is too small for your home. An HVAC technician can help make this determination. Outdated systems may also underperform when they are near the end of their lifecycle.

An HVAC technician is a good resource to use to learn more self-maintenance tasks you may be able to do to keep your system performing its best. HVAC maintenance can prevent your system from malfunctioning, which can cost you extra time and money. Some technicians recommend getting this service prior to peak season. This is because they are often inundated with calls from other customers during peak season. If you wait until it is sweltering hot to request an AC repair, you and your family may feel miserable and could get heat exhaustion.