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4 HVAC Maintenance Tips To Wrap Up Winter And Get Your AC Ready For Summer

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With the cold weather outside, you probably are not thinking too much about HVAC maintenance. As another cold winter comes to an end, it is important to still keep up with heating maintenance while you still need to stay warm. It is also a good time to start planning on maintenance that needs to be done to prepare your AC for the hot summer months that are coming. Here are some HVAC maintenance tips to help you wrap up winter and prepare your AC for the summer:

1. Cleaning And Inspecting Your Furnace For The Last Time This Season

Once you have stopped using your heating for the winter, it is a good time to begin maintenance to ensure it is ready when you need it next winter. Clean the furnace to remove any dust and debris that has collected over the winter months. In addition, inspect your furnace for minor repairs that need to be done and take care of them now so you do not have to worry about them when you need your heating next winter.

2. Changing The Filters And Adjusting Dampers When You Shut The Heating Off

One of the seasonal HVAC maintenance chores that need to be done as the winter comes to an end is changing the air filters. While you change the filters for the last time, inspect the ducts for any damage that needs to be repaired and adjust any dampers for AC use. It is best to wait until cold weather has past to adjust the dampers of your ducts.

3. Removing Winterization From Your AC And Cleaning It To Prepare for Summer

If you live in an area that gets cold winter weather, you may have done winterization to your AC during the fall months. Once the danger of freezing has passed, you will be ready to remove the cover from the unit, plugs from drain lines, and any other winterization tasks that you did back during the fall.

4. Turning the AC Power On, Testing, and Inspecting It on A Warmer Spring Day

The weather outside may be cool enough to not really need the AC, but you want to make sure it is ready when you need it. Check to make sure the main power switch or breaker to the AC is turned on, and then turn the temperature setting down to turn your system on. Check the AC unit and components when they are running to make sure there are not any repairs that need to be done and that your air conditioner is blowing out cold air.

These are some HVAC maintenance tips to help wrap up winter and prepare your AC for another hot summer. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, contact an air conditioning service to ensure your home is always comfortable.