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How To Make Your Furnace Last Longer

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Your home's furnace is responsible for keeping your home warm in the cooler seasons. When you turn the unit on, you should instantly hear the furnace click on and start dispersing even, comfortable heat. You want your furnace to last a long time, since avoiding repairs and replacements saves you money.

Here are ways you can make your furnace last longer. When you have furnace repair services performed as soon as you notice an issue, your unit will last much longer than it would otherwise.

Change the air filters

The air filters are not entirely built into your furnace even though they are installed in panels within the unit to keep them in place. Your air filters should be replaced every season, or as recommended by your furnace repair and installation specialist. The reason for this is for your benefit: you get cleaner air quality with new filters that work appropriately and your furnace lasts longer because your air filters allow for proper ventilation and prevent your furnace from overheating.

Keep the same temperature

Constantly changing your thermostat up and down puts your furnace into overdrive. Every time your furnace has to click on to meet your new heating needs the unit is pressured and begins to wear out. Plus, you waste more money on energy usage when you keep turning your furnaces's thermostat up. Consider picking a neutral heat for the day then crank up the unit a few degrees during the night when the air outside is cooler.

Have your furnace inspected

Have your furnace inspected every season before you use the appliance for the first time. This way, if there are problems with the filtration, thermostat, vents, or pilot light, you can have these small issues repaired before they become more costly problems.

Your HVAC specialist will show you how to properly maintain your heating unit for the summer season and can come and inspect your furnace when the season is done as well. If your furnace is still under warranty, having regular inspections will ensure your warranty remains valid until it expires.

If your furnace is making strange sounds, smokes when it's on, or releases cold or lukewarm air, the unit isn't working as it should and needs to be repaired. Never use a furnace that is emitting strange odors; call your furnace repair specialist to look at your unit before you turn it on again for the safety of your family and your home.