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Three Tips To Keep The Office Warm This Winter

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Finding the happy medium when it comes to the office thermostat can be a challenge, particularly in winter when cold outside air vies with a stuffy office. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to maintain a comfortable temperature without spending your company's profit on the heating bill. The following tips will help.

Tip #1: Install a secure programmable thermostat

Consistency of temperature is key, since this will help you avoid cold mornings and baking afternoons in the office this winter. Start by hiring a commercial heating service to install a programmable thermostat. Set it to a comfortable temperature, but don't try to make it feel like summertime—your staff should be expected to dress appropriately for the season. A setting of 72 F is average. You can then program the thermostat to run 10 degrees cooler when the office is empty, such as overnight and on the weekends. This saves energy without the worry of chills during business hours. Finally, have a thermostat lockbox installed so only those with an access key, such as management or maintenance, can adjust the temperature.

Tip #2: Use the doors

Most offices, even those with an open plan design, have certain rooms that can be closed off when not in use. This includes meeting rooms, maintenance closets, and storage rooms. Keep the doors shut on these rooms when they aren't in use. If you are installing a new HVAC system, consider one with zone heating so you can heat these rooms less except for when they need to be in use. For example, if the meeting room is only used on Monday mornings, why pay to keep it warm the other six days?  Not only will closing the door and using zone heating save money, but it will also help keep the chill from the unused room from spilling over into the rest of the office.

Tip #3: Stop the drafts

Finally, put an end to drafts. This means making sure all office windows stay closed. If you are unable to lock windows closed in winter due to local fire code, consider placing an open window alarm on them if someone keeps sliding open the window. This way you can make sure that the windows stay shut and the cold air stays out. Automatic closing exterior doors or a double door system is also a good idea, since this prevents heat loss from doors being propped open.

For more help, contact a commercial heating repair service in your area.