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Choosing Fireplace Inserts With Charming Designs

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Winter is coming, but is your home prepared? Although wall unit or central air conditioning systems have become the standard, you may want to consider a hearth or fireplace design that adds a refined flair to your living room. Here are a few design options for fireplace inserts, as well as a few technical options to consider as you look towards the colder days of the year.

Ceramic Fireplace Inserts

Many artificial fireplaces use a series of stacked logs with charred designs on a ceramic surface. The logs used for the design aren't identical in the higher-end designs; they're varying lengths and sizes depending on the size of the fireplace, and they impart an appearance of sourced local wood from different felled trees and branches.

These ceramic models burn cleaner than the budget choices. It's understandable that some brand new systems may need to burn off packing dust or new product finish, but if you smell a burning chemical aroma for more than a week, contact us and speak with a service and repair professional to check the system out.

Ceramic inserts are a great option because of the way they distribute heat. They have a bit of heat absorption, but the heat is released through pores in the ceramic that are only enhanced by indoor airflow. For gas fireplace insert outdoor setups, the pores are small enough that a gust of wind won't turn the entire system into a whistling, extinguished fire pit.

Pillar Designs And Regal Finish

Delivering rich heritage in a fireplace design is often a dance between carved shapes, wood selection, and detailed staining. There are a few default shapes that deliver a quick look of elegance without requiring an expensive commission from a woodcarver.

Many of these designs include a finely-stained set of wooden tiers that deliver prominence and respect to an office hearth. From the Classical Era pillar-work on the sides to the intricate carvings at the headpiece, this fireplace insert is a leap in refinement for any home looking for a gas fireplace insert modern appeal.

Fireplace Technical Features

Along with the elegant designs, make sure that your fireplaces include efficient, convenient, or even novelty features to make warmth easier while entertaining guests.

One option to look for is a dual fuel system that accepts propane and natural gas. These systems can be installed on walls or corners while still giving access to the fuel supply connections, but you need to make sure that the hose connections are not pressed against a wall or in an area that makes access harder.

With an electronic spark ignition and overheat safety switch, you can deliver warmth with just a touch of the ignition and feel safe that the flame won't ruin the system with a slow, intense burn.

If any fireplace insert fails to deliver the heating speed or distance that you want, consider a blower attachment. A blower can deliver warmed air away from the hearth and to the area of your choice, and without the ashes that would singe and stain the room from a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Contact a heating and air conditioning professional, like one from Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division, to discuss fireplace insert options and other home comfort installation and repair issues.