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Tips For Those That Have Recently Purchase A Home With A Boiler Heating System

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When you buy a home that has a boiler system as the heat source, you will need to learn about these systems if you have never owned one before. Otherwise, you may be ill-prepared to care for these systems and keep them providing heat as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Know The Steps To Reset Your Boiler

Modern boilers are equipped with a variety of electrical components. These components help monitor and regulate the boiler so that it will be as efficient as possible. For example, these components may help regulate the temperature of the water in the boiler or they may control the hours when the boiler is active. However, these components can occasionally malfunction. When this happens, resetting the boiler's electric components can often correct these problems. However, the steps for resetting a boiler can vary drastically from one model to next. When you first move into your new home, you will want to make sure that you learn the steps for resetting your boiler as soon as possible so that you will be prepared to make this repair.

Avoid Letting The Burners Get Dirty

Most boiler systems will utilize either heating oil or natural gas for fuel. To ignite these fuels, your boiler will have a series of burners. Soon after moving into your home, you should make an effort to clean these burners to ensure they will be able to burn fuel as efficiently as possible when the cold weather arrives. When dirt and dust are on these components, they will inhibit the distribution of the fuel, which can reduce the ability of the boiler to heat the water in its tank.

Appreciate The Importance Of The Water Quality For Your Boiler

Over the course of a winter, your boiler will have a tremendous amount of water flowing through. When the water that is supplied to your boiler is low quality, it can lead to a number of performance reducing issues. In particular, hard water can be highly damaging to boiler systems as it will leave mineral deposits in the system. These deposits will both greatly reduce the amount of water that can circulate in the boiler system as well as impede the transfer of heat by acting as insulation. If your new home does not currently have a water softening system, you may want to have your water tested to ensure that it is free of excessive mineral concentrations. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to have your boiler regularly repaired.

For more information or advice on how to handle your boiler system, talk to HVAC contractors in your area today.