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Dealing With An Air Conditioner That Continuously Breaks Down

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Do you have a central air conditioning system that breaks down on a regular basis? An air conditioner might start breaking down when it isn't receiving occasional maintenance to keep the parts functional. If you are spending more money than you would like on repairs, it might be time to consider getting a new air conditioning system installed. However, diagnosing the problems should be done before the system is removed and replaced with a new one. This article provides answers to some of the questions that you might have about your air conditioner.

When Should System Cleaning Be Done?

The reason why an air conditioning system must be cleaned is because it is necessary for the parts to function. Your system can actually wear out faster when it is not cleaned, which might be why your system has been breaking down a lot. For example, if the air handler is full of dirt, it can prevent the fan from rotating. Your system might then come on, but there will be no air coming through the system. An AC service technician must be hired for cleaning a central air conditioning system, as it requires professional skills for accessing certain parts.

Why Don't Cold Air Come Through The Vents?

When the air coming through the vents is no longer cold, it could be the result of several things being wrong with the system. A technician might simply need to add water to the system to assist with making the air cooler. If the problem is serious, it is possible that the evaporator coil is no longer functional. The evaporator coil is important because it is the main system part that cools down warm air. A technician might have to make repairs to the evaporator coil, or even replace it if there is a large amount of damage.

What Causes The System To Constantly Turn Off?

If your air conditioning system has been frequently going off, the thermostat might need an inspection done. Faulty wires in the thermostat can cause it to turn the system off. Basically, the wires in the thermostat may have become too old to properly handle electrical volts. The bad wiring is possibly leading to the thermostat not receiving a sufficient amount of electricity to keep the system running. The wires might be able to get repaired, but you might need to get a new thermostat installed for your air conditioning system to run properly.