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Home Not Cooling Properly? 2 Things to Check

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If you notice that your home is not as cool as it normally is and you have not adjusted the temperature on your thermostat, then it could be due to many things. Two of these things are listed below so you can get your HVAC unit repaired. Hot temperatures are on the horizon, so the best time to do this is now. 

Check for Dents

If there has been any kind of hail storm in your area recently, check the outside HVAC unit for dents. If you see dents, then you need to inspect further. The main thing hail can damage is the condenser fan. You can see the fan by looking through a grill that is on the unit itself. If the fin blades on the fan are bent in any way, they'll block the amount of air flow that gets into your home. The HVAC unit will also run much longer than it normally does, which will result in higher electric payments and shorten the lifespan of the unit.

Remove the cover from the HVAC unit so you can have access to the fan. The fin blades are made of a thin aluminum so they can easily bend. You can use a fin comb to straighten the blades You can purchase this comb at home improvement stores.

If you see a lot of damage and cannot get the fins straightened out, you should replace the fan immediately. For the future, there are guards that you can purchase to cover up grill to protect the fan from hail damage. These guards are generally made of wire screens. You can find them at home improvement stores.

Check for Blockages

Go outside and check the HVAC unit for any kind of blockage around the unit. This could be things like built up leaves, grass, or other debris. A blocked condenser unit cannot receive as much air, which will prevent the condenser from releasing heat from the condenser coils. You will notice a big difference in temperature inside your home because this problem will prevent heat from being removed from the interior of your home.

Remove all debris that you see, and then turn your HVAC unit off and then on again. Check if the air coming out of the vent registers feels cool.

Contact an HVAC contractor and click here for info about maintaining your unit regularly. This will prevent problems from happening in the future.