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Questions To Ask Yourself When A Kitchen Sink Doesn't Drain

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Have you been unable to use the kitchen sink because water will not go down the drain? There might be water sitting in the pipes that is causing the problem, or something else can be stuck inside of them. If there is a large amount of water in your sink, you can use a plunger to try to resolve the problem. You can also scoop the water out of the sink and then try to clear the pipes up by using a plumbing snake. However, the best way to get the water flowing before it leads to other problems is to make an appointment for a plumber to assist; you can talk with AAA Home Services for more information.

This article will give you more information in regards to backed-up pipes to a kitchen sink.

How Old is the Plumbing System in Your House?

If you don't know how old the plumbing system is in your house, you might want to find out. If there are a large amount of rusty pipes running through the kitchen walls, it is the possible reason for the sink not draining. For example, rust can build up to the extent of causing a blockage in the plumbing system. Basically, debris can build up on the rust and make it difficult for water to pass through the system. You should get old pipes replaced if they are causing plumbing problems, as the investment will lead to fewer problems in the long run.

Was Anything Besides Water Sent Down the Drain?

Anything that you place down the drain other than water can lead to backed-up pipes. For instance, if you sent cooking oil down the drain, it may have thickened up and blocked the flow of water. Thick grease can be difficult to get out of the pipes without the right kind of tools. You might have to leave the task of removing grease to a plumber if it is the problem. Food crumbs may have accumulated in the pipes and need to be cleaned out as well.

Are Any of Your Other Sinks Filled with Water?

Check the other sinks in your house to see if there is any water in them. If you don't see water, turn on the faucet to see if the drains are functional. If you notice that the water sits in any other sinks or drains out slowly, it is a sign that the main sewer line is the reason for the kitchen sink not draining. The main sewer line will usually affect all of the plumbing fixtures in a house when it is clogged up. A plumber can remove the clog in a timely manner.