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When You Say "Cooling Services," What Does That Mean? A Guide To Cooling Repairs

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If you have never had to call someone to repair anything that cools or refrigerates, you might be a little lost when the time comes. Cooling system services covers much more than just air conditioners. If you look up HVAC contractors to find someone who provides cooling system repairs, here are some of the other services they provide.

Air Conditioning Installation and Maintenance

Not just repairs, but installation and maintenance too? Yes, HVAC contractors are responsible for all of the above. They know how to install and maintain several different kinds of air conditioning systems, and not just central air systems. They can also install and maintain geothermal units, heat pumps and circulation fans.


HVAC contractors also manage and maintain your refrigerator. No kidding! Your refrigerator uses refrigerant, and as such, an HVAC contractor is licensed to check the amount of refrigerant in your refrigerator and make sure this appliance is running well. If your refrigerator breaks down or does not seem to be operating as it should, this is the repair specialist you need to call.

Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators

Likewise, commercial freezers and refrigerators can often be repaired and maintained by HVAC contractors as well. These giant ice boxes for restaurants, stores, corner markets, bodegas, etc., all run on refrigerant and use condensers and evaporators to keep food and drinks cool. If these commercial appliances break down, it means that a lot of food will spoil, melt, etc., and then the restaurant or store will lose money because the food will have to be thrown away. The HVAC contractor is the one the owners call to fix their commercial freezers and refrigerators in a hurry and when there is an emergency.

Ice Makers and Ice Machines

There are commercial ice machines and there are ice makers in the doors of home refrigerators. HVAC contractors are responsible for setting up and connecting all of the necessary components that make these ice machines function. Most homeowners do not realize that an ice maker in a refrigerator door requires a hose connection to their home's water supply via a hose to a pipe below the refrigerator. Who do you think sets that up? Right! The HVAC contractor does that. The same goes for the ice machines in hotels and motels. An HVAC contractor connects all the correct plumbing to those machines as well so that guests can get their buckets of ice.