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Three Air Conditioning Problems You Can Fix On Your Own

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Air conditioning units are complex appliances with many small parts that are difficult to access. As such, many of the problems that you run into with your air conditioning unit should be repaired by a professional who knows how to access and repair the problem. However, there are a few common air conditioning issues that you can repair on your own fairly easily. Here are three air conditioning problems that the average homeowner can diagnose and repair themselves.

An Air Conditioning Unit That Constantly Runs

While an air conditioner should be quiet, it is not silent. Normally, you will be able to hear when your air conditioner is running and when it is not running. If you notice your air conditioning unit is running for longer than what you consider to be normal for the unit, or if your unit never cycles off, there is an issue.

One reason this could be happening is because your unit turns off, but the outside fan is not switching off. The easiest way to check for this problem is to switch your thermostat to the off position and then physically inspect the air conditioning unit. If the outside fan is still running, even though your thermostat is in the off position, you have figured out why the unit is constantly running. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.

If your outside fan is not shutting off, you will want to shut off the circuit breaker that supplies power to your air conditioning unit. This will turn the entire unit off. Allow the unit to stay in the off position for at least five seconds before moving the circuit breaker to the on position and powering your air conditioner on again. Resetting the unit in this manner should reset your air conditioning unit. If the problem persists, you may have faulty wiring that needs to be repaired by a professional air conditioning repair company.

A Clogged Condensation Line

If you notice a puddle of water forming underneath your air conditioning unit, you may think that you have a leak somewhere. While it is possible for refrigerant to leak from your air conditioner, it is more likely that you have a clogged condensation line. If your condensation line is clogged, the water from the compressor has nowhere to go. As such, it backs up and eventually leaks out the top of the condensation line. This is a common and easy problem to correct.

If you notice a puddle of water under your air conditioning unit, open up the unit and look for a small drip pan towards the bottom of the appliance. You should see a small line that runs above this drip pan. This line is the condensation line. Either spray the line with compressed air or suction the line using a shop vacuum to remove any clogs from the line. Repeat this process until you are sure all of the dirt, dust and debris that can reside inside of one of these lines is gone. If you continue to have leaking after cleaning the condensation line, you will want to call in a professional.

The Unit Not Turning On

If your air conditioning unit is not turning on, you may think that you have a big problem. However, if your unit is not turning on, the likely culprit is the thermostat, rather than the appliance itself. If your air conditioning unit is not powering on, check to make sure that the thermostat is powered on and set to the appropriate temperature. You may be surprised to see that someone bumped the temperature settings up higher than you would prefer, or that the battery in the thermostat is dead.

If you have checked the thermostat, and ensured that that is not the issue, check your circuit breaker to ensure the air conditioning unit is being properly powered. If you have checked your fuse box and the thermostat, and your unit is still not powering on, it is time to call in an air conditioning repair company.

There are many problems that you can run into with an air conditioning unit. Your air conditioning unit may be making squealing sounds. It may need to have the refrigerant refilled. Or you may need a compressor replaced. Unfortunately, these are repairs that are best left to the professionals. However, while there are many problems that are best left to the pros, there are a few minor repairs you can make on your own. Fixing an air conditioning unit that runs constantly, clearing a clogged condensation line and dealing with a unit that won't turn on may be things you can fix yourself.

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