Learning All About Oil Furnace Maintenance and Repairs

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5 Tricks For Reducing The Load On Your Furnace To Help It Last Longer

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Even if you save diligently for major home repairs and upgrades, a surprise malfunction and shutdown of your heating equipment can sink your savings. Extending the life of your furnace begins with appropriate use, and reducing the load you put on the equipment cuts down on wear and tear as soon as you implement the changes. Try these five tricks to reduce your heating load and save money by putting off repairs and by using less energy on a daily basis. Read More»

Why Air Conditioners Freeze And What You Can Do About It

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If you discover your air conditioner isn’t cooling as well as it should, you should check to see if the system is frozen. A frozen air conditioner will prevent your system from functioning properly, and it may cause mechanical damage if allowed to operate in its frozen state. Fortunately, freezing within the system is not usually a serious problem and can be corrected by homeowners or by simple maintenance conducted by a professional. Read More»

Furnace Upgrades To Make Your Home More Comfortable

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Your furnace is an integral part of your comfort level in winter. A basic system is all you need to keep your family warm and cozy. However, if you would like to take things a bit further, there are some ways to upgrade your HVAC system to get additional benefits from it. Better Filtration Furnace filters aren’t there for your comfort. The filter keeps dust out of the moving parts of the furnace so they don’t get worn down by the grit. Read More»